Vision: Empower Entrepreneurs to Create Scalable Agencies. 

Entrepreneurs start a business so that they can create a tonne of value for their clients, better than most of their competitors, be proud of their work and at the same time create freedom for themselves and their families.

Unfortunately, what a lot of entrepreneurs have done is create a job for themselves because they’re lacking a process to charge their clients enough. If you have 10 clients @ $100/month VS 10 clients at $2,000/month. It’s a completely different lifestyle and at most times, fulfilling their needs takes the same amount of time.

Most entrepreneurs lose out because they’re not charging their clients enough AND don’t end up having enough resources in place to service their clients in the best possible way 

The keys to creating a lifestyle friendly, dream business are:

(1) Having the right skillset for the right niche market 

(2) Having a client acquisition system so you can bring in clients on demand

(3) Charge enough so that you can provide the best service for them without getting in your own way by trying to do everything yourself

MM Course curriculum

  • Module 1 - The Foundation

    • How to Start - The Right Way

    • Orientation & Weekly Calls With Chance, Abdul & 10k Club

    • The One Factor - Part 1

    • The One Factor - Part 2

    • How to Be 10X Productive

    • How This Simple Business Works + The Opportunity

    • Free Business & Tax Advisory Consultation for MM Students

    • Niche Selection

    • Getting The Easy Breezy Clients

    • Build Agency Site

    • Buying Your Agency Domain

  • Module 2 - Prospecting & Sales

    • Intro To Prospecting

    • Determinant of Success

    • Simplifying Prospecting

    • Niche Industry Research

    • Setup CRM Account

    • CRM x Setup Twilio Number

    • How To Setup Subdomains

    • Cold Email Marketing Training Part 1 of 2

    • Cold Email Marketing Training Part 2 of 2

    • Build Prospect Email List

    • Linkedin Build Profile

    • Linkedin Software Plugin

    • Linkedin Connecting

    • LinkedIn Endorsements/ Withdrawls

    • Sales Navigator

    • Overnight Portfolio

    • How To Setup Payment Processors

    • Screencast Sample

    • Screencast - Behind the Scenes

    • Two Step Close - Sales Process PDF

    • The Art of Deal Making

    • Contracts

  • Module 3A - Driving Traffic (Google Ads)

    • What Are Google Ads & How Do They Work

    • The Psychology of Search

    • Properly Structuring Your Accounts & Campaigns

    • What Is A Landing Page & Why Its Soooo Important

    • What Makes A Great Landing Page

    • What Is The One-to-One Method & Why Is It So Relevant

    • What Is our 1-1 Ad Software And How Can It Helps With Relevance

    • Creating Your Campaign With 1-1 Ad Software

    • Transferring Your Campaign From 1-1 Ad Software To The Google Ads Platform

    • Proper Keyword Research & Why Keywords Are The Backbone Of Google Ad Campaigns

    • Compiling & Organizing Your Keywords Efficiently

    • Market-Forecast Research

    • Campaign Configuration

    • Write Ad Copy That Sells

    • Ad Variations

    • Negative Keywords

    • Ad Extensions

    • Creating Rules

    • Setting Budget & Bid Amounts

    • Why Conversion Tracking Is A Must

    • Integrating Google Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager - add images-videos

    • Installing Conversion Tracking For Google Ads

    • Integrating Google Ads 

    • Get Familiar With The Tools & Track The Campaign Your Way

    • Why It Is Critical To Do Ongoing Optimization

    • How To Optimize The Campaign On An Ongoing Basis

    • Using The Campaign Data To Optimize Your Landing Page

    • Google-Ads-Check-List PDF

  • Module 3B - Driving Traffic (Facebook)

    • Facebook Ads Intro

    • S2 Account Creation I Business Manager Creation

    • S2 Account Creation I Ad Account & FB Page Creation

    • S2 Account Creation I FB Pixel Install

    • S2 Account Creation I Campaign Structure & CBO

    • S2 Account Creation I Campaign Types & Creatives

    • S4 Campaign Build-Out I FB Campaign Creation Retargeting CA LLA

    • S4 Campaign Build-Out I FB Campaign Creation Strategy

    • S4 Campaign Build-Out I FB Campaign Creation Local Lead Gen

    • S4 Campaign Build-Out I FB Campaign Creation Broad Lead Gen

    • S4 Campaign Build-Out I FB Campaign Creation Custom Columns

    • S5 Optimize & Scale I FB Optimizing & Scaling

    • S6 Bonus I AdSpy & Research

    • Facebook-Ads-Checklist

  • Module 3C - Driving Traffic (Lead Nurturing)

    • FB Leads Ad Integration

    • Lead Nurturing Campaign

    • Add Clients & Employees to CRM

  • Module 4 - How To Create an AutoPilot System That Works For You

    • Creating an AutoPilot Agency Machine (Hiring, KPIs)

    • Team Communication - Slack

    • Asana


Bonuses & Insane Community Support

  • The “PortFolio Technique” How to Get a Client Without a portfolio ($500 Value)

  • Weekly Live Q/A With Chance & Abdul ($2000)

  • *ALL NEW* 5 Daily Coaching Workshops Held by top earners Mon-Fri ($17,000)

  • Accountability Coach for 60 Days ($997)

  • Past Recordings of Weekly Coaching Calls ($1497)

  • Live Recorded Sales Calls with Real Clients ($497)

  • 4-Week MM Modules - $7,000

  • 24/7 Private Support Group Access: $1997

  • 7 Figure Facebook Training- $2000

  • Past Coaching Call Recordings - $1500

No excuses. 



Both Chance & Abdul have created 7 figure agencies and provide mentorship in the private Facebook community, as well as weekly Coaching calls every Wednesday @ 4pm PST.

We recently (Feb 2022) decided to add additional coaching. A brand new daily Coaching Workshop 5 days a week covering 5 different topics each day by one of the TOP earners in the MM community. This is a great way to soak it all in and while getting the hands-on type of support you need...... Included WITH the entire program at NO EXTRA cost. .